4 Things You Should Know Before Buying From Cool Crutches

A lifestyle shot of cool walking stick collection featuring rainbow zebra, skulls and pink walking sticks

If you’re thinking of investing in one of our sticks, here are four things you might like to know before you do!

1. You may be eligible for VAT exemption

If you’re living with a long-term condition, injury or disability that affects your ability to carry out simple daily tasks (and requires the support of a mobility aid!), you will qualify. What do you need? A diagnosis from a doctor, so you can state your condition. If you have a blue badge, or are in receipt of PIP or DLA, you will automatically qualify. Please note orders outside of the UK won’t pay VAT, so don’t need to apply. You can register for VAT exemption by completing a simple declaration as part of your account registration with us - apply here.

2. You can enjoy 10% off

We offer 10% off first orders for ALL customers, regardless of VAT status or shipment destination. If you sign up to our newsletter, you will receive a code to use at checkout, which combined with VAT exemption gives a brilliant 30% off!

3. Free delivery on orders over £100

All UK mainland orders over £100 qualify for free delivery, making your investment even more manageable.

4. Pay with Klarna

You can choose to pay with Klarna at checkout and split your payments into instalments to help manage the cost even further.

We’re working hard to make our awesome, game-changing sticks accessible for as many of you as possible!