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The pain difference from the NHS ones cannot be exaggerated! I had had to give up using them and these have given me more freedom again.... and they look awesome too! (Plus no annoying click click)

I adore these so much. They are helping my self confidence about getting out the house so much ♥️♥️ cant wait to order some more

Amazing product, Great quality 🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸

Love them, I feel like I have choices despite my mobility for buying my own, and they suit my personality 💜

Absolutely delighted with my crutches. So. Much more comfortable to use than NHS ones. Gorgeous design. Beautifully made high quality. Highly recommended.

Super comfortable to hold and looks great!

Good product lighter than my old crutch.

Fab crutches! Really good quality and look brilliant

Excellent sticks now hook onto the back of a chair :-)

Over priced

My partner loved the idea of the cuff covers, but suggested there should be a way to fasten the ends together to stop them twisting or working loose. Nothing complicated, even just something like Velcro might work.

Best purchase

I've only had these crutches for 2 days, however after spending 4 years on NHS crutches I can safely say that these are leaps and bounds better. I am able to now walk about without getting fatigue in my hands and arms, and I feel so much more confident and less defined by my disability!

Just lovely

This design in swirling indigo paisley seems to go with almost everything I wear. So happy I got it. Having a mobility aid which is not only amazingly comfortable and secure, but also looks great and suits my own style, is a wonderful mood booster.

Favourite walking stick

I have purchased Cool crutches from yourselves in the past very comfortable walking stick & feel secure with them.
When I had the chance to have my design on a walking stick I thought I would go for it. I was over the moon with the result I know there isn’t going to be another one like it. I was also impressed with the grip on the stick it was soft & very comfortable. With arthritic hands & wrists this went a long way in making the walking stick very comfortable. Overall I’m very pleased with the product. Also, they are very well made. Thank you CC

Apart from the tiny lock that is difficult to remove for adjustment of the height, it is a solid and dependable walking stick.

Beautiful made me smile can you please consider a pink marble version too many thanks

Cuff covers

I bought these cuff covers in the hope that it would eliminate bruising on my forearms, as I take blood thinners. They have completely stopped the bruising. I’m so relieved. I will no longer feel so self conscious of my arms.

Super comfortable and good grip, even fits my old crutch too

Super comfortable grip, not harsh to use at all which means no shock waves up my arm if it smacks the ground, a great saviour for my wrist I'm sure. Was a little tricky to adjust and the cuff is a bit pinchy at first but I'm sure it'll wear in

Metallic Red Walking Stick
Alistair Sinclair
First class

First class product matches car colour Easy to order and delivered on time. Would recommend cool crutches to family and friends

Super comfortable

I got these as I had a bleed on my brain in November 22, the nhs ones really hurt my hands and arms. These are so comfortable and actually allow me to stand up straight taking the pressure off my arms and wrists! I may get a walking stick too soon.

I absolutely love this walking stick, I always say if I need to use a walking aid it better be pretty and this is just gorgeous

love them just need to remember to pull my arm out the top instead of trying to pull it out normally and pulling the cuff cover off.

Rainbow Crutches
Suzanne Miller
What a difference!

I have been using a pair of walking sticks, a zimmer frame and a walking frame as my hips do not work properly! Although I am on the waiting list for replacement surgery I do like to keep moving and these crutches have started to make a difference in my activities. I belong to a Rock Choir group and I've not been able to join in with the moves for a while; I'm looking forward to seeing the faces of the rest of the choir next week when we return after the Easter break lol

Love them so much better than the Normal ones I have