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Really comfortable and a really nice design. Feel more confident with these as they're my choice to suit me.

Beautiful leopard print walking stick

Arrived promptly and loved the stick. Very easy to adjust. My daughter is a Physiotherapist and said she’d recommend this stick

Have bought as gift for a dear friend who gets so frustrated when his stick falls to floor when he goes to get it from its perch on the dresser drawer handle. I saw this and hope it will make life a tad easier as it can be moved so can be flat when out and needs to rest on a table and not roll off. Nothing ventured as they say. 🙂🤩

Very useful

Waiting for new knee

Very useful so far

Sheer genius!

Such a simple, but an ever so brilliant, idea. In short, it works!

Skulls & Roses Crutches
Diana Gilson MissD.Gilson
Wonderful crutches

As in the name these are really cool crutches, very sturdy and quiet. I love the pattern so much nicer than the boring grey hospital ones. Definitely worth the price and I was lucky to get them on Black Friday deal and a coupon too. Thank you so much.

Black Crutches
Linda Myers
Fabulous crutch

Oh my, so lovely and quiet when I use it, I had to email to find out how to alter the height and got a fantastic and very very quick with a detailed video explaining how too. Altered and is now perfect. The price and quality are really good, highly recommended

Skulls & Roses Crutches
Mrs S Hadlington
Roses and skulls

Love the design. Comfortable to use.

Beautiful stylish crutches! Great design they’re a colour and design that goes with everything! My wife loves them, so comfortable and easy to adjust.

Midnight blue stick

I already have a pair of the skulls and Roses crutches, but as I'm also starting to use a wheelchair a bit more often for I'm out longer, plus with the Christmas party season apon us I fancied something abit more subtle and partying and this stick is perfect 🥰 it gives me the same support I need but still looks fantastic! And fits my rock chic 🤘 vibes I love it! It gives me the confidence to use my mobility aids and not be embarrassed as I'm only 45 but basically falling apart 😅 so thanks to Cool Crutches I can go out and be proud of my mobility aids and be with my family and friends especially at this time of year and that is a true blessing 🙏❤️ x

Great idea

Very handy means you can hang your stick up so it won't fall down I keep mine on my trolley now before we're on the sofa and had to walk a couple of steps for them now there just waiting for me

Amazing a life saver.

This product means my stick no longer falls in the bedroom meaning I can get out of bed and not fall over it. So my life is a safer, neater environment. I love it.

My leopard walking stick is fabulous. I feel secure as always. This is my 7th stick from Cool Crutches, one for every day of the week and how I feel on that particular day. My two sparkly ones have been put away now to have a rest through the winter - those sticks and my jumpers don't always get along - they tend to grab each other! So that was an excuse for buying some more. I am so happy with all of them! I feel as though I can show myself instead of perhaps hiding away. 🌟

Brilliant Idea - so useful!

These stick safe grips have been a life saver, currently recovering from hip replacement surgery and on two sticks that kept dropping/falling over ALL the time and now they don’t. Perfect if you’re spending a lot of time alone with no one to assist when you drop your sticks. I still look like Robin Hood with my gripper stick carried on rope round my neck for other things but no more stick retrieval required!! Great aid 🤩


I love love love these crutches. Thank you for producing a product that makes a person feel human again. I was told my Rainbow Zebra crutch was bright and colourful like me never been told I'm boring and grey like my old NHS one.

This was the best purchase to help my MS. Moving about is more comfortable with the Neoprene cover on the handle and the crutch is lightweight yet sturdy. I know where I'm getting my next walking aid. Thank you.

First time buyer

I saw the advert for this item & it looked like it was exactly what I was looking for. The package arrived promptly & wow! It’s amazingly simple but so good at keeping my sticks in place. My carers have had the sticks balanced on all sorts of surfaces & it’s not failed to keep my sticks in place.
I can only give it 5* it’s amazing

Sparkly goodness!

I love this stick! It looks fantastic at night it catches the light beautifully. It's it great when I'm out somewhere nice and wearing evening wear.
Unfortunately the strap was caught up in and stuck to the tape in the inner packaging and was accidentally through when opening with scissors, so I don't have a strap for it.

But the stick is gorgeous, and super grippy!

Love the wide handle, comfortable for leaning on. Easy to alter to height I needed. Love love the colour!

Brilliant item! I use it every day!

Great crutches

Great quality and very speedy service, were delivered the day after I ordered. I have sent my old pair of crutches back to be donated.

Stick Safe Stick & Crutch Holders
Wow wow wow

What a brilliant idea I love mine and it works exactly has it says no more bending down with my Arthritic knees to pick up my stick I used it in a shop put it against the counter and it stayed highly recommended this product would buy again thankyou

I love it. It is perfect just want I needed thank you :)

Amazing product - worth every penny! Excellent customer service as I needed them asap to be able to keep mobile and accidentally messed up the delivery. They rearranged the delivery for me after ordering and I got them the next day!

Black Crutches
Jayne Douglass

I love my new black crutch! After 4 years with a standard NHS grey crutch I wanted one that was less obvious and chose the black one. I didn’t expect it to me more comfortable as well as looking nicer. The padded sleeve is so much nicer and I’ve had less pain in my hand. It’s sturdy, well made and it arrived the next day.
The only thing I’d say is if you’re taller, you wouldn’t be able to extend it much further. But, it’s perfect for me and I’m 5’4”