5 Tips to Beat Bank Holiday Burnout this Easter

If (like me) you find a long weekend heaven but often that you pay for it afterwards, we have rounded up our top tips to help keep things calm, relaxed and happy both during and after Easter weekend 👌 

1. Pace Yourself - Day One is KEY

First day / night syndrome is an excitement fuelled extravaganza.  Seeing friends and family all together, knowing there is no work for 4 days accompanied by what looks like might be a gorgeous heat wave means the temptation to overdo it is huge.  Try to keep a lid on the level of activity within the first 24hours and you're much more likely to maintain a calm pace throughout

2. Ask for Help

Easter can be similar to Christmas, organising, cooking, often long drives, tidying, Easter Egg hunting, cleaning and having fun can seem overwhelming both physically and mentally.  Asking friends and family to help where possible can really ease the pressure, physical demands and resulting fatigue. 

3. Keep Next Week Quiet

Whilst the weekend is likely to be busy, next week doesn't need to be - try to keep it free.  Giving yourself banked recovery time to put your feet up will help hugely with the mental as well as physical reality of post bank holiday fatigue.  Keeping a quiet diary the week following Easter is the key to a full recharge!

4. Check Your Mobility Aids

If you haven't given your mobility aids and MOT recently, please do remember to check your ferrules and grips before you travel.  Any damage or excessive wear may indicated replacements are needed - but prioritising your safety before travelling is essential.  With postal services often suspended over Bank Holidays this will prevent any last minute panics during the weekend. You can shop replacements which are available for next day delivery here.

5. Prioritise Relaxation & Calm

Whether it's people, places or activities, familiarity brings comfort and calm which in turn will drastically reduce your risk of fatigue.  Whatever makes you feel most relaxed, book it in and know your chances of feeling wiped will be much less and even if you do at least you're with people who know and understand you may need to duck out for a break.

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