Best Custom Walking Sticks & Crutches - What You Need To Know...

Best Custom Walking Sticks & Crutches - What You Need To Know...

Finding a custom walking stick or crutches that truly feels like you can be tricky, but we have been doing this for over 17 years and so are here to help create something totally bespoke and reflective of you! If you're thinking about creating a bespoke designer walking stick or crutches there are a few tips and tricks that may help as you plan:

TIP 1 - The more info you can share the better!

    • Whether it's a specific colour scheme, a general design idea, a specific photograph or graphic, an outfit or an event that you are designing it for… we can create anything you want but the more you can give us both as images and descriptions, the better!

TIP 2 - Think about where and when you will use your custom crutches or sticks?

Is it for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday or will it be your everyday walking aid?  What you want to make sure is it matches the occasion so think about how you usually dress and match it to that.


TIP 3 - Which is best crutches or a walking stick?

We are often asked 'how do I know which is best a stick or crutch?' and this is where it's really worth doing some research and prep before you order.  We always advise talking to your doctor or physio but also consider testing out a hospital walking stick or NHS crutches so you can get a general feel.  Whilst our walking crutches and sticks are better than their hospital counterparts the physical difference between walking canes and crutches is easy to assess with standard ones. Want to know more about how to pick the best stick? Check out this blog - 5 Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Mobility Aid for You.


TIP 4 - Are you looking for any specific features?

Think about what you really want it to be at the end, are you looking for something simple and classic, a subtle pattern or a stand out walking stick to really rock your style?  Is the aim to include a photo of a loved one of maybe one of our most popular designs with your pets dotted down it? Would you be interested in any monograms, quotes or perhaps music lyrics?  Placement is also key, would you prefer it to be a simple one placed at the top / front / bottom / back or would you prefer it to be repeated all over the stick? Really try to visualise how you want the stick to look before you start the process and give us as much information as possible so we can make sure we get it spot on!

There are very few limitations when it comes to creating your own custom walking aids, so go wild and create one that feels fabulously and uniquely you! 

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