Heart Mail for Amanda Holden

Heart Mail for Amanda Holden

Last week the news hit that the nation's sweetheart Amanda Holden, had broken her leg in two places.  The accident occurred after Amanda bravely agreed to the ultimate parental plea - to jump through an inflatable assault course (on water) with her children. Sadly her initial enthusiasm ended in a brutal injury & operation leaving Amanda in a leg cast and firmly reliant on crutches for the next few weeks.

Following the accident, Amanda revealed:
'I'd never broken anything in my life, it felt like a shift. I've pulled tendons before so it felt like that but a bit worse. In the leg, I felt sick. I swam back one-legged while swearing and trying to wave at Chris.' 

Amanda insisted she has experienced worse things in life, explaining: 'I had to be put under a general [anaesthetic]... They've put a metal plate [into my leg] which is the best way to heal it because I'm very impatient.

'There's a cast which they molded just under my leg, so I can lift my leg in and out of it, so it's hard underneath but soft on the top. I'm in full glam and a lash, things aren't that bad! I feel like a one-legged dog.'  

We have been delighted to help Amanda during her recovery by working with her Heart FM co-host Jamie Theakston and their team to create some Heart FM branded Cool Crutches.  Check out the moment Jamie gave Amanda her Cool Crutches live on air:


Whilst being on crutches can be unbelievably tough both physically and mentally, we just hope these have added an element of comfort & style to Amanda’s recovery. One thing’s for sure she makes them look effortlessly cool!

Amanda Holden Poses with Heart FM Branded Cool Crutches

Amanda has been an incredibly positive force of nature since her injury. Having only had the accident just over one week ago Amanda has since attended the wedding of her close friends John Torode and Lisa Faulkner, returned to work at Heart FM alongside co-host Jamie Theakston on Monday and even hitting the red carpet at the Pride of Britain Awards.

We feel incredibly grateful to Jamie Theakston, Amanda and the whole team at Heart FM to have been able to work with them. We just hope Amanda makes a full and speedy recovery.

If you would like to know more about branded or personalised crutches please click here or email us via customerservice@coolcrutches.com.