Our Guide to Choosing the Best Rubber Tips for Your Sticks

Our Guide to Choosing the Best Rubber Tips for Your Sticks

If you’re still settling into a routine with a new walking aid, or you need to replace your current ferrules (rubber tips on the bottom of your sticks), here is a guide to which ones may suit you and your lifestyle best.


The standard Cool Crutches ferrule: Our standard ferrules are ideal for anyone using crutches every day but for non-excessive use. If you find yourself needing to change your ferrules more frequently than every 3 months, or if you’re planning a holiday (or a walk on the beach!), it may be worth upgrading to a high-performance ferrule instead.

Flexible high durability performance rubber tips for sticks and crutches
High Performance, All-Terrain Ferrule: These are perfect for non-weight bearing crutches use — if you have a broken limb, or you’re an amputee who is active (or you’re going to be using your crutches on even terrain such as mud, snow or sand) these are the ultimate ferrule for you. They’ll last up to 3 times longer than standard ones, and give you flexible, added grip on any terrain. Only downside? They’re a little heavier than the standard ones at 200g. If in doubt about the weight, give our Ultralite High Performance ferrules a go!

How different rubber tips for the bottom of your sticks compare - high performance ferrules
Ultralite High Performance All Terrain Ferrule: If you’re using a walking stick and use it often, are walking for longer periods, or walking on uneven terrain — in the countryside, on the beach, or in mud or sand — you may find your standard ferrule is wearing through more quickly. In this case, this ferrule should suit you much better.

They’re also great if you’re nervous about adding weight to your stick, sitting at only 95g! They’ll prevent sinking, slipping, and sliding without adding extra weight.
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