Jamie Laing Sports the Sweetest Cool Crutches

This week Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing was devastated by the news his recent injury would mean a stint on crutches. Worse still, he would no longer be participating in Strictly Come Dancing. Sporting a boot and NHS grey crutches, the usually energetic celebrity seem downcast. Taking to Instagram, he was notably upset and distressed by the news.

Whilst the details of his injury are yet to be released, it is clear his stint on crutches wasn’t as short as we all hoped.

It was only on Friday 6th September when he received a surprise gift from his team at Candy Kittens that we could share what we have been working on! Creating Jamie a pair of personalised Candy Kittens Cool Crutches. The team at Candy Kittens have been incredible to work with, ensuring we could finalise the design and ship the crutches quickly so that Jamie was not in discomfort for too long and most importantly, had something to cheer him up!

The crutches they chose feature the the Candy Kittens logo – Candy Kittens is the confectionery business Jamie founded back in 2012. Using their iconic turquoise as the background with their logo dotted throughout, these really have made the sweetest present.

We have loved working with the team to create these personalised crutches and just hope Jamie makes a speedy but most importantly, full recovery. We take our hat off to Jamie for throwing himself wholeheartedly into Strictly Come Dancing and just hope his new Cool Crutches help to ease the next few weeks. Fingers crossed we see him back on Strictly next year!