Olly Murs Rocks the Dance Floor on Personalised Cool Crutches

Olly Murs Rocks the Dance Floor on Personalised Cool Crutches

Just over a week ago, Olly Murs contacted us via Instagram to see if we could help create a pair of colourful rainbow crutches for him, to match girlfriend Amelia's outfit ahead of her 30th birthday party. Olly was keen to find a way to celebrate in style and we were over the moon to be able to help!

The brief?  To create a party pair of sticks to match Amelia's stunning pink, green and orange feather and sequin jumpsuit. Olly was fantastic and sent us the below image with specific colours and a close up picture of Amelia's outfit to ensure we had as much information as possible to create his dream design. 

Olly Murs Creative Brief for Personalised Cool Crutches
Olly made the decision to have surgery on his knee just over a month ago after nearly six months of living with a fragment of bone lodged into the back of his knee. His most recent surgery has resulted in the cancellation of his Summer 2022 tour and a shift in focus entirely onto his rehab.  Until now Olly has used standard, grey, NHS hospital crutches.
Olly Murs Mock Up Designer Cool Crutches
Creating a bespoke design for Olly was so exciting. Our incredible team of designers were then able to put together a mock up design to send over to Olly before we went to print, the response? 'LOVE 'UM' !
Olly Murs looks Dapper on colourful Cool Crutches
The crutches were a combination of pink, green and orange to match the feather detail on Amelia's top and went brilliantly with Olly's pale pink suit. 

Safe to say the party looked absolutely incredible, Olly even used his crutches to hit the dance floor as well as to mirror the brilliant Soul Jets' trombone player.  
Olly Murs Hits the Dance Floor on his Pink Green and Orange Cool Crutches

A huge thank you to Olly Murs and his girlfriend Amelia, wishing Amelia the happiest 30th birthday and Olly a speedy and full recovery.

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