The Importance Of Community When Living With A Long-Term Disability With Eliza

This month we have been very lucky to chat with the wonderful Eliza about living with a long-term disability, the importance of community and how society can adapt to better support those living with reduced mobility!

Eliza recently got married in the most incredible, colourful ceremony surrounded by friends and family.  Not only did they use a bespoke Cool Walking Stick we helped design featuring pink to orange ombré, but several of their guests were also using our sticks too!  


Eliza and their bridal party embrace disability in style

Eliza doesn't just talk the talk, they walk the walk, proving the power of community really is the key when living with a disability.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you're from? what do you do for a living? 

Hi, I am Eliza, I am a Disabled content creator from London who loves anything colourful! I use a mix of mobility aids from crutches to walking sticks and a wheelchair.

How long have you been living with a disability and how has it affected your daily life both physically and mentally?

I have been living with my disability since I was born, although over the last few years my mobility has decreased. This has meant I have needed to use mobility aids when leaving the house as well as at certain times when at home etc depending on the day.

Eliza Rain Embracing Disability In Colour

Do you feel adjusting to a disability is supported by society? How could this be better?

I think there is a real lack of understanding about disability and the lack of access is very frustrating. Raising awareness is really important which is why I am passionate about using my platform as an influencer to drive change @disabled_eliza.

Are there any things you've found have helped support you or impacted your mental health in a positive way when it comes to living with a disability?

I have found being friends with other disabled people has made a massive difference, it's had a really positive impact. The support of a community is so important.


What advice would you give to someone facing a life-changing diagnosis or injury?

I think finding a support network within the disabled community can make a massive difference.

    Eliza Wears Rainbow Cool Walking Stick

    If you could change one thing to improve the lives of disabled people, what would it be?

    Access! I also think having even more diversity within in the disabled people we see in media is very important.

    When did you start using Cool Crutches or Sticks or both, and why?

    About 2 years ago as my mobility decreased - I wanted a sick that looked good and worked.

    Eliza Marries on Cool Crutches Bespoke Walking Stick

    Have Cool Crutches helped you at all?

    Yes for sure, as well as feeling more confident in my mobility aids I now view them as beautiful. I also think Cool Crutches have made choosing a stick to match your style the norm - giving people options when it comes to mobility aids massively helps people to take the plunge and get a walking stick or crutches that ultimately improves their mobility and life!

    What’s the best advice you've been given?

    If a mobility aid helps you, use the aid!

    A huge thank you to Eliza for being such a positive influence in everything they do and to Amy Davies Photography for these gorgeous photographs. To find out more about designing your own bespoke walking stick or crutches please do check out Design Your Own.

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