Top tips for tackling snow & ice

We are constantly wowed by the bravery of our followers. With so many of you boldly tackling physical challenges on your crutches, never seemingly shy of much.

However with the Met Office releasing more weather warnings this week, we wanted to play it safe. Here are our top tips for surviving the snow & ice on crutches.

Top tips for surviving snow & ice this February

  • Wear a Warm Hat with a Brim – even the most able people will struggle not to slip with snow / sleet hitting their face. To avoid squinting wear a lined, brimmed hat such as this Waterproof Ski Hat (£11.98).
  • Wear Sensible Shoes with Grip – if you aren’t confident walking in your shoes, buy traction grips such as Yaktrax (£12) to put over your shoes.
  • Check Your Ferrules – with consistent crutch use ferrules will wear down, if you’re worried about the grip then check out our Ferrules (from £10).
  • Plenty of layers & socks – the more the merrier! Keeping warm can be particularly difficult for those with circulation problems. Two pairs of socks are a must plus these Welly Socks (£16.96) work inside most boots to give extra warmth.
  • Stock Up Your Car – if you don’t have one already, get ahead and put a winter car pack into the boot of your car. Trust us, it will be worth every penny should you get stuck – AA Emergency Winter Kit (£20.91).
  • Stock Up Your Fridge – just in case you’re snowed in, best to have a solid supply of food in the cupboard, top of our list? MALTESERS! Seriously though, pasta, tuna, baked beans, milk, bread etc. all well worth having!
  • Check your Medicine – worth a call to the doctor to top up any prescriptions you may be due for repeat. Likewise any standard medication such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, lemsip or otherwise.
  • Test Your Torch – check it’s working and if you don’t have one buy a torch suitable for indoor and outdoor, LED Torch (£6.99).

If you’re prepared, going out in the snow doesn’t have to be as precarious as it seems. With any luck you will be armed for many a snow fall in the future too!


How do you know if there’s a snowman in your freezer? ...He’s still there! ☃