Living with a Disability & Navigating Sleep During a Heatwave - Check Out Our Top Tips!

This week, UK temperatures are set to soar to record breaking highs of over 39 degrees.  Finding ways to cope during the day but also sleep at night can be easier said than done. With a red warning issued over the weekend and 'danger to life' stipulated as the highest risk, the reality of this week is serious.

Living with a disability or long term condition that affects your lower limbs & means a reliance on crutches or a walking stick, often comes with associated risks day to day.  Temperature control is one of these and so with so many of us 'vulnerable' to high temperatures, we wanted to share the best tips, tricks and products as recommended BY YOU to help ease the next few days both during the day but also, at night.

    10 Tips to Help You Keep Cool & Sleep at Night

    • Choose light and loose natural clothing such as cotton or linen (or if you prefer, you can opt for your birthday suit!).  Be aware length is key, shorter is better to make sure you don't catch it on your stick or crutches if you get up in the night for a drink or to use the loo!
    • Use a cooling mat such as one designed for pets, place it in your bed, under your feet or even under your pillow to try and reduce your body temperature
    • Remember hot air rises so the coolest place in your house may well be downstairs, if sleep is an issue consider sleeping downstairs
    • Putting your duvet cover and/or pillow cases into the freezer an hour before bed will make sure your bed is cool when you get into it!
    • Keep your windows and blinds / curtains closed whilst the sun is out, as long as the temperature outside is hotter than inside the windows should remain shut.  
    • Using a hot water bottle to cool you down by filling it half full with water and freezing it to make for the coolest companion come bedtime, our followers recommended this
    • Have a bottle of frozen water on your bedside table when you go to bed so you can drink it whilst it's still cold throughout the night.
    • Boost your hydration by adding electrolytes such as Zero Berry Electrolytes to your water to further avoid dehydration!
    • Consider using cold ice patches to keep you cool, particularly good on foreheads and the back of your neck.  Deep Heat have a cold version patch which is fantastic, shop here.
    • If you're using a fan, try placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan to encourage cool air circulation.

    What are the signs of heat exhaustion? 

    Symptoms to look out for include:

    • Dizziness
    • Nausea
    • Fainting
    • Confusion
    • Muscle Cramps
    • Headaches
    • Heavy Sweating
    • Tiredness

    What to do if you see someone with Heat Exhaustion?

    • Move them to a cool place
    • Get them to lie down and raise their feet slightly
    • Get them to drink plenty of water - sports or rehydration drinks are also good
    • Cool their skin - spray or sponge them with cool water and fan them. Cold packs around the armpits and neck are good too

    If they don't recover within 30 minutes, it is a medical emergency and you should call 999.

    Thank you to everyone who sent us their top tips, here's hoping for a comfy and most importantly, safe few days.

    Love, Amelia x

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