Soft Neoprene Grips-Accessory-Cool Crutches
Soft Neoprene Grips-Accessory-Cool Crutches
Soft Neoprene Grips-Accessory-Cool Crutches
Soft Neoprene Grips-Accessory-Cool Crutches

Soft Neoprene Grips

These grips are extremely soft, they are made from neoprene and have been specifically designed for Cool Crutch handle grips. Each crutch handle is moulded specifically for left and right hands. These grips slide over the handle for added cushioning and comfort, time to wave goodbye to blisters once and for all!

Please note these grips are only for Cool Crutches and do not fit Cool Walking Sticks.

Using crutches can result in sore and painful blisters on your hands.  Blisters undeniably cause discomfort but in cases of full weight bearing whilst using crutches, blisters can be debilitating. As a result, we have created a crutch with a wider and moulded handle to better distribute weight through the handle and therefore minimise pressure points on your hands.

The soft neoprene grips are an added comfort to give a cushion to your handles and therefore further support comfort when using crutches.

Each crutch purchase include a pair of soft neoprene grips, which are machine washable, but over time we do recommend replacing as and when wear and tear requires.

To replace the grips, simply pull the grip over the end of the handle and slide the new replacement on.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen Thomson
Great grips!

These are great neoprene grips that keep your hand steady on the crutches. They fit snuggly and feel cool to the touch. I’ve worn out the right hand one that I’ve had for a year, so not bad! The neoprene slips on either side so in essence I’ve bought two more years worth. Great value!

Jane Barneby

Soo comfortable. No blisters.

LIsa Neidich
Soft Neoprene Grips make holding crutches easy.

I love a lot of things about my Cool Crutches. The way they look, such lovely designs. The shock absorbency makes walking with them easier. They are lighter weight than most other crutches. The Neoprene Grips really are soft on my hands. They make holding onto the crutches so much easier.

Carole Dixon
Carole linconshire

Just what I wanted know I can wash the dirty ones

Suzanne Plumb
The best ever

Im over the moon with my soft neoprene grips & of course my cool cruthes ❤❤❤