meet our founders amelia and clare


meet amelia & clare

At 19 years old, Amelia Peckham embarked on a weekend getaway that would change the course of her life forever. Confident and outgoing, she was embracing adventure until a quad biking accident resulted in a devastating spinal injury. 

Amelia lost all feeling and movement from her waist down, was faced with a year of recovery and told she may never walk again. Heartbroken, her mother Clare committed to making the journey ahead as comfortable as possible. Five difficult months later, Amelia was ready to get back on her feet.

Issued with hospital standard crutches, Amelia was immediately confronted with agonising blisters, a constant clicking with every step and a feeling that the future was hopeless. She wanted to feel like herself again, instead she felt defeated.

Adjusting to crutches was as mentally challenging as it was physically. My life changed for the better when my sticks did, which inspired the creation of Cool Crutches. Today, our mission is to help others find that same feeling of independence and confidence.


The resilience that pushed Amelia through rehab now encouraged her to research and design the first pair of Cool Crutches. With Clare by her side, the duo dedicated themselves to creating comfortable, silent and safe mobility aids. They produced a wide range of coloured crutches, with different patterns for extra personality. 

Ten years after her accident, it seemed like Amelia might finally win the mental battle that would restore her confidence. On some days, she felt strong enough for a walking stick, but picking up a cane wasn’t the challenge — it was the voice in her head saying she didn’t want to. 

The stigma surrounding mobility aids still weighed heavily on Amelia and this only deepened as she looked for a stick. Unsurprisingly, the options available were ugly and unsupportive. Regardless of injuries or conditions, Amelia and Clare wanted to offer everybody the courage to get up and go, so they set out to design the first Cool Walking Stick. 

Amelia’s new cane offered way more than physical support. Getting from A to B was no longer a physical or mental challenge — it was just a way of life, Amelia was Amelia again! 

Cool Crutches is now 17 years old and an award-winning brand. Amelia and Clare understand first-hand the impact disability and serious injuries have on both mental and physical health. Both founders are passionate about what they do and continue to research, design and innovate mobility aids and accessories that inspire independence and encourage the confidence needed to thrive.

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walking aids different


Print any design to reflect your style or your outfit


Moulded handles so no blisters


Won’t fall to the floor when you open the door


CE certified for long-term medical use


Shock-absorbing rubber tips to prevent jarred arms & shoulders


No clicking, clunking or rattling as you walk

Comfortable Crutches

Comfortable crutches

Reliable Walking Sticks

Reliable walking sticks

Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic accessories

Design your own walking aids

Design Your Own



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