Folding Walking Stick Specifics

All foldable walking sticks are silent and designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

Sticks are moulded to a left or right hand and arrive with a wrist strap which enables your cane to hang when necessary. 


Adjusting for height

Need help? Check out our How To Videos for a demonstration.

    To adjust your folding stick, release the clip to slide the inner pole down and extend before placing the clip back into the hole.

    • Our folding walking sticks are suitable for user heights from 159 cm (5'2") up to 178 cm (5’10”)
    • A height adjustment clip secures your chosen height and guarantees silence


    • Each individual folding walking stick weighs 376g (13oz)
    • Each folding walking stick has a maximum user weight of 100kg / 220lb / 15.7st.


    • At its shortest, 80 cm (2’8”) from the top of the handle to the very bottom
    • At its longest, 92 cm from (3’) the top of the handle to the very bottom
    • Will fit into bags measuring 33 cm x 18 cm when folded


    • The aluminium cane is 18 mm diameter, our ferrules are 19mm and designed to match,  but our walking sticks will fit any 19mm ferrules