Specifications, Weight & Dimensions for crutches

The specifications, weight and dimensions information below focuses on the functionality of each crutch. These crutches have been specifically designed with comfort, silence and safety in mind. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lightweight Construction

  • Each crutch weighs 594g / 1lb 5oz
  • Aluminium cane 18mm diameter – ferrules are 18mm
  • Approved according to UNE EN ISO 11334-l
  • Removable arm cuff
  • Crutch at its shortest measures 2' 11" / 89cm (to back of crutch)
  • Crutch at its longest measures 4' 2" / 126cm (to back of crutch)
  • Each crutch separates into 3 parts to fit into a suitcase - the longest part is 78cm
  • Maximum user weight 150kg / 330lb

Height Adjustable Design

  • Crutch adjusts to fit a person 5" / 152cm to to 6'4" / 193cm
  • To adjust the height, pull off the little black clip on the main stem, then pull out the inner tubing to suit your height. The same applies to the clip between the grip and the cuff.
  • Smallest length between bottom of cuff and handgrip is 5¾" / 15cm
  • The top of the cuff to grip is 7¾" / 20cm
  • Arm cuff measure from end to end is 16" / 41cm. Full swivel to enable say, holding a drink, without it falling to the floor.


  • Moulded left and right handles on each crutch
  • Neoprene removable grips, only suitable for Cool Crutches.