Best Get Well Soon Gifts for People in Hospital

Finding yourself in hospital over Christmas can be incredibly hard, whether it's part of a longer treatment plan, or sudden change in health - finding ways to make it better are key.  With get well gifts traditionally not quite hitting the mark, we've rounded up some more practical, helpful and thoughtful get well gifts that could really take the edge off and make it that little more enjoyable.  As recommended by our Co Founder Amelia, we hope these truly help make hospital happier, even if only a little.

Best UK Heated Electric Blanket 2023

A Heated Blanket

Hospital beds can feel clinical and a bit cold so a soft, cosy, heated blanket can make all the difference!  If you're hospital isn't keen on electric blankets this one is still brilliant, warm and homely even if it's unplugged.

Best Heated Electric Blanket - Beurer Heated Bordic Blanket, £52.99

 Best Extra Long Charger

An Extra Long Charging Cable

Whilst hospitals are practical, using a phone charger and charging points behind your hospital bed and head are incredibly impractical.  Whether you're using your phone or watching something on a device, this can often mean cricking your neck to power up in the process! An extra long cable means plugging your device in behind your head and hospital bed, doesn't have to mean it will impact your comfort or watch time!

Recommended - iPhone Charger Cable (3M), £8.99

Best Warm Cosy Fluffy Socks 

Cosy Socks

The perfect present for anyone in hospital who may be missing home comforts. Soft, cosy and guaranteed to give you a boost!

Recommended - Joules Supersoft Fluffy Socks, £9.95  

Get well soon gifts for 2024 - folding walking stick

Folding Walking Stick

A reduction or change in mobility can happen both temporarily as well as permanently.  A folding walking stick can often give some temporary relief but also tuck away when it's not needed giving the patient the best of both worlds.  Knowing they have something robust enough to support them but that they can also choose when to use it.  

Recommendation - Cool Folding Walking Stick, from £70 

Best Presents for People in Hospital

Advent Calendar

A little something every day is bound to brighten a loved one’s time in hospital and it doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy! You could go for a traditional chocolate calendar or something a little more luxurious like a beauty calendar, but whatever you choose is guaranteed to put a smile on their face every day!

Recommended - Lindt Teddy Chocolate Advent Calendar, £6,  Newby Tea Advent Calendar £85 or Rituals Luxury Bath Advent Calendar £87.90


 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones 2024

Noise Cancelling Headphones

From hospital machines, to call buttons, other patients and staff the hospital is always buzzing. To zone out and chill out can be easier said than done but some decent noise cancelling headphones can be a game changer get well soon present for hospital!

Recommended - Sony £79.99 or Soundcore by Anker, £35.99

Best TV Subscriptions 2024

A TV Subscription

Those of us who have experienced hospital stays will know that the tv choice leaves a lot to be desired…Netflix, Disney+ and Prime are all brilliant and will provide hours of entertainment!

For all those reading this in hospital or looking to support someone in hospital we are keeping all our fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery. To browse our full collection of crutches and walking sticks please click here.

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