Coronavirus, Crutches & Walking Sticks - what you need to know!

Coronavirus, Crutches & Walking Sticks - what you need to know!

Using crutches or walking sticks means you are constantly reliant on resting on something to support yourself. This is invariably your crutches or walking sticks, but also surfaces when you are without your mobility aids. As a result you may be more prone to transferring bacteria from your hands to your crutches/walking sticks and vice versa.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are as protected as you can be:

💚 Wash your hands - you know the drill, two rounds of happy birthday (20 seconds) and do it every time you see a sink / touch a grubby surface!

💚 Wash your grips - our crutches come with removable and machine washable grips, slide them off and pop them in the wash once a week. We do also offer replacement grips on our website so if you’re in any doubt you can absolutely replace your current grips.

💚 Antibacterial wipes (alcohol content must be at least 60%) are your new best friend - every time you wash your hands be sure to wipe your crutches or walking stick. With your crutches just be sure to remove the grip and give the handle a good blitz!

💚 If you are out and about and your hands aren’t clean, do not touch your face, nose or mouth until you’ve washed your hands.  Alternatively pop a hand sanitiser into your pocket to keep you protected wherever you are.

💚 Clean your phone! Again 60% alcohol content required within any wipes you’re using but your phone is a germ magnet so give it a good wipe every day.

💚 If in doubt ring 111 - do not go to your GP, hospital or pharmacy. You can also fill in a survey on the NHS website which will assess the best route for you to take if you’re in doubt - 

💚 Try not to panic, be wary and use your common sense to stay as clean as you can.

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