Fitness to Resilience: Meg Embraces Change with Cool Crutches

Say hello to Meg, a shining example of unstoppable strength! Due to hypermobility and multifidus fat infiltration, Meg was forced to forgo a career in fitness and embrace a new chapter with Cool Crutches — she's showing the world what it means to stay strong and keep moving forward with a disability.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the nature of your disability? 

My name is Meg, I’m from South East London. I had a career as a dancer and performer but I had to give up this path because I developed hypermobility joint syndrome. I went on to become a PT, helping other people and dancers become better versions of themselves. 

In 2023, I got diagnosed with multifidus fat infiltration. It took a lot of opinions to figure out what was wrong but they finally realised my multifidus muscle was grade 3/4 and my facet joint was enlarged — this means it was far along and severe.

How has it affected your daily life both physically and mentally?

There is no cure which means I will continue to have episodes of severe pain throughout the rest of my life. This is an incredibly rare condition for somebody my age (28) and being told I could no longer be a personal trainer was truly heartbreaking. 

I can’t walk without my trusted crutch from Cool Crutches (I have Emerald Sky and Carbon Fibre which are awesome by the way) but looking back it’s crazy to think I was a fully booked personal trainer only 9 months ago. Now, not even being able to walk down the street unaided, it’s taken its toll. 

Do you feel adjusting to a disability is supported by society? How could this be better?

One thing I’ve noticed about having a disability is how different people can be. I’ve not felt supported with my mobility aid. Some people can be really kind but others just give you a dirty look. I’m convinced if I had a physical cast or something that people see, society would take me more seriously.

I was taking my first journey with a crutch and I got assistance on the way there, which was fantastic, however on the way back I got refused help up a ramp. It left me feeling so vulnerable and emotional. It just made me think of the other people that are more disabled than me, would they have got help?

Are there any things you've found have helped support you or impacted your mental health in a positive way when it comes to living with a disability?

Of course! Having my support network around me is vital, without them I don’t know if I would have been able to remain positive. I didn’t want people telling me it was going to get better because even though they were trying to help and trying to keep optimistic, I couldn’t have this false hope fill my mind.

Instead, I wanted the real approach; I took the doctor's words as gospel and that was that. I’ve definitely been a realist in this situation and I think because of this it’s enabled me to become more hands on dealing with it mentally. 

Instead of just holding on to hope of what “‘may happen” instead of “what is” happening. Focusing on what I can do rather than what I can no longer do is definitely something that’s helped me the most.

What advice would you give to someone facing a life changing diagnosis or injury?

Look at the facts; don’t give yourself false hope. If you can no longer do something, look at the things you CAN do. What can you sustain? If it’s something that’s going to trigger pain for you in the future, don’t do it. Do something that will make YOU happy. If you are having a bad day, let it happen. Feelings pass but don’t neglect yourself in the process.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing feelings pass; I have had bad days, bad weeks even but I knew these bad moments were the moments that were going to make me stronger. 

I have found helping friends/family in any way I can really makes me feel like I’m doing something good and making a difference, it doesn’t have to be anything big, it could just be picking up the phone and seeing how they are, you never know how much someone may need it.

What would be the theme tune to your life?

Eye Of The Tiger! It’s badass and I like to think I am too.

What's the best advice you've been given?

Focus on what you can do...not what you can’t.

When did you start using Cool Crutches or Sticks or both, and why?

March 2023. I had been given crutches from the hospital but wow the blisters on my hands… NOT COOL! What IS cool though = Cool Crutches (see what I did there). 

I saw online they had nice cushiony comfortable pads on them, not to mention they are MOULDED to your hand depending on what hand the crutch is in. Amazing if you ask me!

Do you think Cool Crutches have helped you to move more or walk better?

Absolutely! They have given me more confidence in getting about knowing it’s not going to be my hand that gives me pain, it’s just the good old back. But they definitely give me more confidence!

Have Cool Crutches changed your view of mobility aids at all?

10000% I love the designs! The little details are also brilliant! I have the high performance reinforced ferrules on the bottom of mine and wow the grip is insane! 

I’ve also got the stick holders for mine and it’s super handy! No more CRASH! WALLOP! BANG! Everytime I lean my crutch up against something. They just make me feel a lot more secure.

How do businesses like Cool Crutches help the disabled community?

Making crutches look cool, and the comment of “what happened” to “wow, that’s a cool crutch!” really helps bring a positive light to the situation. 

Is there anything in the pipeline you're excited about and would like to share?

I have just released a podcast called ‘Stop Moaning x’, it’s about the crazy journey I’ve been on — I’d love to get some guests on to speak! I want to help as many people as possible.

Meg's journey is all about finding strength in new places. With an incredible attitude and Cool Crutches by her side, she steps out with confidence and style every day. We're very proud to provide Meg’s mobility aid of choice! 

To listen to Meg's Brand New Podcast head to Spotify or YouTube.

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