As we near the end of the month, it’s time for our monthly visit to the personalised design studio! As usual, you have impressed us with your creativity. August saw us making a real range of designs, from tartan to a Nightmare Before Christmas which has got us feeling slightly festive.  

We know it's only September so we’ll save the Christmas cheer for now. 

As many of you know, we pride ourselves on offering safe and high-quality mobility aids for everyone! Olly Murs and Amanda Holden have even ordered personalised Cool Crutches from us. 

As an antidote to NHS-issued mobility aids, our crutches and walking sticks are comfortable and quiet and it is our mission to support and help those who may have a permanent reliance on mobility aids.

You can choose and print any design onto our walking sticks or crutches to make your aids truly your own, express your personality or even just match your favourite outfit! 

Read on for some inspiration and feedback from our lovely customers who have ordered this month.


Personalised Crutches

Whether you need to wear your crutches every day, occasionally, or only while recovering from an injury we don’t believe you should be confined to standard-issue grey mobility aids. Don’t let your disability, or your injury define you or limit your self-expression, with the cool crutches bespoke design service you can choose any colour or pattern you like.  

We are blown away every month by the enthusiasm and creativity of our customers. These monochrome designs look great! 

And from monochrome designs to interesting colour pairings - don’t you think yellow and purple look great together?

Our custom prints look just as good on walking sticks too, check out these designs from August:

And, finally, one of our favourites from last month, this fantastic Tardis design. The colours look great from a distance as well as being great eye candy close up for any Doctor Who fans out there!

 The Only Limit Is Your Imagination! 

So what are you waiting for? A personalised design can really lift your spirits and get you feeling like you! You can accessorise your stick or crutches to your outfit, just as you would with jewellery, shoes or a handbag. 

Don't limit yourself, head to our website now to check out our shop and get creative! 

For more Cool Crutches, you can head to our blog! You can see personalised designs from customers in July or read about how to pick the right aid for you.