How to Tell if You're Using the Wrong Mobility Aid

How to Tell if You're Using the Wrong Mobility Aid

People often assume that pain is just a part of life if you’re living with a long-term injury or disability. It’s true that we do often have to learn to live with some level of pain, but this absolutely shouldn’t be made worse by your walking aid.

It can be a big adjustment settling into a routine with your new mobility aid - but we are sharing our top 3 signs to watch our for whilst deciding which one is right for you (or considering a change):


1. Wrist pain

If you’re using a stick that is giving you wrist pain, it’s likely that the stick isn’t quite right on a support level, of you’d be better suited to something else. Choosing a stick with a wider, moulded handle that will give you more grip will put less pressure on your joints and reduce the risk of pain. Be sure to check that your stick has a medical certification, and is designed for long-term use. That’s going to give you the best chance at comfort.


2. Fear when walking

Fear of falling or tripping with your mobility aid may creep in if you are on uneven ground, have been on your feet for a while, or aren’t sure where the nearest chair is likely to be. On the whole, your stick should make walking feel comfortable, and like you can do it with ease. If you use a stick and find yourself feeling scared, now might be a good time to try a single crutch, two walking sticks, or a pair of crutches. Life is too short to live in fear, and finding the right mobility aid will take the focus off your walking and back onto where you’re going


3. Not using it

Not using the mobility aid that you have is the biggest indication that it’s not quite right. Our founder Amelia keeps on crutch in her car, one inside the door at home, and habitually picks up both without thinking. Using your mobility aid shouldn’t be something you have to think about. They are there to be used, and to help you move. If your default is not to use it, not to move, and not to go out, then now is the time to look at an alternative!

Our comfortable, practical walking aids make using a crutch or stick more about you, and less about your injury or disability. We prioritise your comfort and safety at all times, without compromising on style to let you focus on living your life!

To find out more about our range of comfortable and colourful mobility aids or if you are looking to design your own personalised crutches or walking sticks please click here. 

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