Three Ways To Answer “What Happened To You”

Three Ways To Answer “What Happened To You”

Whether you're at work, a wedding or just doing your weekly food shop this is a question that inevitably finds its way to us on a very regular basis. What we know from personally using but also selling walking aids for 18 years? There are ways to confidently and calmly answer, which can and will help leave you feeling in control. So, for the days you are caught off guard or just don’t feel like talking about it, here are 3 of our top tips for how to respond in a way that leaves you feeling in control.

1. Say nothing.

Firstly, and most importantly, you don’t have to answer. Read that again. You do not have to tell anyone what happened to you, not least because it’s none of their business, but also because the response is more likely to have a negative impact on you, not them. If it doesn’t feel right to share your story, then simply don’t.

2. Have a rehearsed response

Having a rehearsed response gives you a way to escape if you don’t want to answer. A simple “I’d prefer not to talk about it” or “it’s a long story, and not one for today, I’m afraid” or “do you mind if we don’t talk about it?” will do the trick. It isn’t rude or difficult — it’s honest, quick, and will resolve the issue of the question coming back up in future!

3. Remember it’s a reflection of them, not you

A person’s reaction to your mobility aid says far more about them that it does about you. If their reaction is “wow, I love your stick, it’s so cool!”, then you’ll immediately think “how great is this person!”. Focus on the nice comments, and move away from the negatives as best you can.

Our crutches and sticks are designed specifically to reflect your personality and style, before your injury or disability. When people ask what to expect from using our walking aids we always say 'confidence and compliments' because whilst people still comment they invariably focus on how cool our sticks are vs. physical limbs.

With comfort comes confidence, with colour comes style. We prioritise both to make sure you’re turning heads for all the right reasons!



To find out more about our range of comfortable and colourful mobility aids or if you are looking to design your own personalised crutches or walking sticks please click here. 

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