Why choose Cool Walking Sticks?

Cool Walking Sticks have been specifically designed to guarantee you are:


Cool Walking Sticks are solid yet lightweight, they are anatomically designed for a left and right hand to ensure your hands and joints are pain free, soft, supple and protected whilst you’re walking.


Sleek, stylish and unique, Cool Walking Sticks are available in a wide range of plain colours, as well as patterns to ensure your walking stick reflects your personality, before your injury or disability. Some of our patterned and printed walking sticks include floral, spot, leopard, zebra and many more.

You can even design your own to create a truly personalised custom walking stick. Whether you’re looking for a unique pattern, want to use your favourite sports club colours, animals, flags, photographs, flowers or symbols – no request is too big for a custom pair of crutches to match your mood.

View our range of walking sticks or view some of our favourite personalised walking sticks.


Cool Walking Sticks are height adjustable so can be altered to a differing shoe height to ensure you are comfortable, your joints are protected and your walking gait as stable as possible regardless of any variation in footwear. Each Cool Walking Stick also has a detachable and removable walking stick strap to ensure the stick remains with you when carrying out daily activities such as opening a door or carrying a drink.


Cool Walking Sticks are designed to ensure clicking, clunking and rattling is minimised. The clip features on each adjustable point are tight and promote silence to keep you safe in the knowledge if you want to be heard before you’re seen it’s up to you!


Cool Walking Sticks are solid, robust yet lightweight and have a strong, shock absorbing, non-slip ferrule at the foot of each crutch to ensure that with every step you are safe.

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