14 Years

14 Years

Today marks the anniversary of my accident which is an annual reminder of how much has changed since 2005. This time 14 years ago, I was in the middle of rural Scotland & decided to drive a quad bike with some friends (having never driven one before). Deranged? Yes, but I was 19 and naturally, we thought it would be fun. We were on a track with a long drop on one side into a river & when we hit a pothole, I couldn’t control the bike which flipped and set off down the hill. I hit the ground first, rolled at speed & my hips halted on a rock as my top half continued to roll. This was ironically something which the doctor later described as looking like someone had taken a hammer to a meringue!

Despite the dramatic launch from the track, we were incredibly lucky that I was the only one who was seriously injured (sadly one friend broke her finger and another suffered concussion but both recovered fully). I immediately lost all feeling and movement from my waist down and was airlifted to Dumfries hospital. This marked the beginning of the last 14 years.

Whilst there have been some undeniably low points, my physical recovery has improved year on year. I spent the majority of the last 14 years on two crutches but I can now use one crutch and sometimes walking stick on a good day, for which I am eternally grateful. What’s more, 5 years ago I met my husband and I am now married with a son who is nearly 2 years old. Two things I technically knew were always possible but never believed would happen!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 14 years and particularly my mum Clare who has not only been there through every hospital visit / operation / down day but who has continued to work on the business every day, regardless of any of the above!

Here’s a little photo of me at Edinburgh castle – I was studying History at Edinburgh when I had my accident and despite taking a year out to spend time in hospital, I returned to complete my degree and still go back as much as I can to visit. 

If you haven’t been – go, it’s the best place 💖.