5 Top Tips for Staying Cool in a Heatwave, if you Use a Mobility Aid

With UK temperatures set to hit 34 degrees, the heat is turning up higher than its been in over 100 years.  Whilst we love a sunny spell, with heat comes some risks and particularly if you're living with a long term medical condition or disability.

So we thought it might be helpful to share our top 5 tips for keeping cool and safe during the heatwave, if you use a walking stick, crutches, or any mobility aid:

💦 Hydration - whatever you do, keep glugging that water! Signs of dehydration range from feeling low in energy, tired and thirsty to feeling light headed, dizzy, craving sugar, not needing to pee etc.  It is key you are aware of these but also make choices to support hydration throughout the heatwave.  How? Avoid caffeine and alcohol, drink plenty of water (or juice) and consider adding some electrolytes to your water to maximise hydration and minimise any symptoms of dehydration.

☀️ Wear suncream - sounds simple but the sun is likely to be out for exteended periods of time and whether you're inside or outside or a mix, it isn't worth the risk! With lower limb affected conditions, comes a higher risk of compromised temperature control and sensation. Please just keep an eye and if in doubt, reapply!

👚Light & loose fitting clothing - keeping light, flowing clothes is a great way to stay cool and reduce dehydration in the process. Be aware long dresses and trouser are hazardous when using a mobility aid so keeping shorter on your lower half when it comes to clothing is essential.  Anything from shorts to a mid length dress or skirt will make sure you're cool but not at risk of tripping!

🕶️ Shut your windows and curtains - as soon as the temp outside is higher than inside, keep them closed! Once the temperature outside lowers below inside, you should open the windows but otherwise, closed is best to keep inside as cool as possible.  This is particularly key if you are hoping for a bearable night's sleep come dusk!

🙏 If in doubt, ask for help - asking a friend of family member to check in daily whilst temperatures are high, is a great way to make sure you’re safe. If you’re feeling unwell at any point or are in any doubt whatsoever, ring 111 for instant access to medical advice ☎️

Here’s hoping for a happy, healthy heatwave. Stay safe! ❤️