Eamonn Holmes Rocks Out on Red Cool Crutches

Eamonn Holmes Rocks Out on Red Cool Crutches

In March 2021, Eamonn Holmes' world was shaken after he suffered a dislocated pelvis and three slipped discs. Eamonn has publicly explained the injury itself was agonising but the long term side effects of his injury include nerve damage to his right leg and chronic pain.  He has bravely navigated his recovery in the public eye, continuing to attend events, carry out charity work and host This Morning over the Summer.  What's more, Eamonn has also spoken out about the stigma around chronic pain and the hard road to recovery he has found himself on since the injury.

Eamonn Holmes Visits Foodbank in Belfast

First speaking out on Loose Women back in April, Eamonn admitted he was devastated by the reality of the pain he found himself in and more heartbreakingly how many other people he had found were suffering with chronic pain and living with it long term.  He explained he was using crutches and would likely need mobility aid support for many months to come.

Now nearly 5 months on, Eamonn continues his quest for a pain free life but admits the rehab is hardcore despite working as hard as he can to regain strength and stability.  What's more he is still using crutches but in fact is now the very proud owner of some Manchester United red Cool Crutches.  Eamonn explained via his Instagram that having Cool Crutches has made a huge difference to his recovery and confidence:

More than like 👍.  They come with me everywhere.  The grips are so comfortable.  No click noise and best of all is they come in United colours 😍.

Seemingly determined and positive with every step of his recovery, last Friday he really did make us smile when he rocked it out on This Morning, Cool Crutch in hand whilst he joined the crew with a serious Friday Feeling boogie! 



Never one to let his sense of humour get lost in the face of adversity, Eamonn really has been a comfort and uplift to us all.  Wishing him a full and speedy recovery but most of all a huge thank you for being so complimentary about our crutches.

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