Five things to ask yourself before buying a mobility aid

Five things to ask yourself before buying a mobility aid

Thinking of buying a mobility aid but don't know where to start? Ask yourself these five questions to ensure your stick or crutch will tick all the boxes!

Is it height adjustable?

Being able to adjust the height of your stick freely will mean that it's the correct height all of the time, no matter what shoes you wear. Why does this matter? Because having the right height means you won't be hunched or leaning, ultimately putting less pressure on your back or lower limbs.

Is it comfortable?

Having 20 years of experience with mobility aids means we know first-hand the discomfort standard ones will bring over time. Finding a comfortable stick is KEY to you actually using your stick, feeling comfortable and safe whilst doing so, and therefore feeling confident at all times.

Is it safe?

You'll be surprised to hear that it's not a legal requirement to have health and safety testing on sticks before they're sold, meaning plenty of them currently on the market are considered fashion canes, but are not designed to support long-term medical conditions and disabilities. All of our crutches and sticks have a CE certification, which is immediate proof that a stick has been extensively tested and is safe for long-term use for people with a disability.

Is it silent?

There is nothing worse than that click-clack noise so many sticks make. Ours have been specifically designed to be completely silent when used, so no one will hear you coming unless you want them to!

Do you love it?

Having a stick that feels and looks like your style is a game changer, making adjusting to life with a new mobility aid easier. Gone are the days of your stick acting like a sympathy siren - ours are famous for their fabulous designs and the option to personalise with any print, picture or pattern. Your stick will attract attention for all the right reasons (mainly compliments about how brilliant it is!)




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