Things to consider before you leave for your next holiday.

Things to consider before you  leave for your next holiday.

If you have a disability, illness, or injury that requires the use of a mobility aid, the prospect of travelling can be incredibly daunting, BUT we want to help! Before you jet off on your Summer getaway, here is a handy checklist to make sure you are prepared

Check your insurance:

Make sure your details are up to date, your medical information is correct, and you know which hospitals you can use if there is a need for it. Don’t leave anything out! If they don’t know about it, they won’t cover it!


Stock up on your medication:

Make sure you have enough medication — packed in your hand luggage, so it’s not at risk of being lost — and anything from the pharmacy which may help, like electrolytes, antihistamines, insect repellent, or Imodium.


Check your sticks:

Top and tail to make sure grips and rubber tips are in good nick. If not, order replacements and replace * before * you travel, so there’s no risk of slips whilst you’re away.

Check that you have your credit card:

If there are any surprise medical situations whilst you’re away, a credit card is essential to pop everything onto and easily claim back from your insurers without actually having to spend the money!

Wear something comfortable:

Travelling always takes a ton of energy, even for those without a mobility aid. Wear something you’re comfy in to keep you as relaxed as possible during your journey!



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