Walking Stick Specifics

All walking sticks are silent and designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

Sticks are moulded to a left or right hand and arrive with a wrist strap which enables your cane to hang when necessary. 


Adjusting for height

  • Our walking sticks adapt to suit user heights between 152 cm (5’) and 193 cm (6’4”)
  • A height adjustment lower clip secures your chosen height and guarantees silence, to adjust you simply release the clip to pull the inner pole down to your desired height.


Need help? Check out our How To Videos for a demonstration.



  • Each individual stick weighs 554g (15.3oz)
  • Each walking stick has a maximum user weight of 150kg / 330lbs / 23.5st.


  • At its shortest,  73 cm (2’5”) from the top of the handle to the very bottom
  • At its longest, 101 cm (3’4”) from the top of the handle to the very bottom
  • Separates into 2 parts for packing, the longest is 69 cm (2’3”)


  • The aluminium cane is 18 mm diameter, our ferrules are 19mm wide, designed to match but our walking sticks will fit any 19mm ferrules.



  • Each stick has approximately 2000 high-quality Zodiac rhinestones
  • Premium glue ensures durability and longevity
  • Waterproof

Care and Cleaning Instructions

These walking sticks are made with high-quality Zodiac rhinestones and the best gem glue around. Although extremely durable, due to the nature of glass rhinestones, care does need to be taken not to drop your special sticks! Taking extra care of your crutches will eliminate the crystals being chipped off.

Wash with cool water using a soft cloth (no brushing please!) and leave to dry. Gently polish with a soft dry cloth.

*Due to their unique and premium nature, please allow four weeks from order to delivery for diamanté designs.

**Our diamanté walking aids are non-refundable and not designed for everyday wear. We recommend taking these sticks out on days and nights you'll always remember.

Got a question? Please reach out to us at hello@coolcrutches.com.