Eamonn Holmes .... An Update

Eamonn Holmes .... An Update

We have previously posted on Eamonn Holmes’s 2021 injury and whilst he is using Cool Crutches to support his ongoing life with chronic pain, this week has been particularly hard.  Earlier this week news broke that whilst recovering from spinal surgery (designed to relieve Eamonn's chronic pain), Eamonn had a fall and fractured his shoulder.

With so much already in his midst, understandably another set back is incredibly tough news.  Not only has Eamonn broken his shoulder, but he has been forced to undergo a second operation meaning he will be off work for a further eight weeks. A brutal and undoubtedly frustrating reality to face (you can read more here) but the real light was Eamonn's most recent post on his Instagram showing us all that whilst the chips might be down, he still maintain's his wicked sense of humour.

Eamonn Holmes Shows His Sense Of Humour With Uplifting Post on Instagram

Eammon has become a real support to Cool Crutches over the last 18 months and not only to us, but to so many living with chronic pain.  A wonderful man who very quickly made raising awareness his priority as he navigated life in constant pain. Through television appearances on Loose Women but also GB News, Eamonn never ceases to amaze us with his dedication to using his platform for good.

Despite his pain, Eamonn worked throughout the national mourning period leading the Queen's Funeral coverage for GB News alongside his much loved co presenter and friend, Isabel Webster.  Supported by his sleek Black Crutches, Eamonn prioritised his work as much as possible.

Eamonn has spoken about how comfortable and quiet Cool Crutches are and we have seen images of him using both his Red Personalised (in his favourite football team Man U's red) and Black pair.

Eamonn has previosuly spoken out about the long-term side-effects of chronic pain that many of us are familiar with, trouble sleeping, nerve damage and more. He has admitted the reality of the pain he finds himself in is hard, as is the realisation that many people suffer from chronic pain and live with it long-term. 

We want to thank Eamonn for his support of Cool Crutches and for his efforts on the road to recovery in the public eye, something that most of us will never experience. Most importantly we want to wish him all the very best for the next few weeks, we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed that recovery is safe and swift!!

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