High Performance Reinforced Ferrules
High Performance Reinforced Ferrules
High Performance Reinforced Ferrules
High Performance Reinforced Ferrules
High Performance Reinforced Ferrules
High Performance Reinforced Ferrules
High Performance Reinforced Ferrules
High Performance Reinforced Ferrules

High Performance Reinforced Ferrules

Introducing the ultimate, off-road, all-weather, durability King of ferrules!

These high performance Ergocap ferrules have been carefully designed to provide additional stability and safety at any angle. Using a four-winged flexi mechanic combined with a non-slip base, they provide enhanced balance, safety and comfort whatever the weather.

Both flexible and highly durable, great rubber tips for excessive use of both crutches and walking sticks.  The perfect ferrule for any active users or off road terrains such as mud, ice and snow.  

Proven to last 3 times longer than standard ferrules, this product is particularly popular for anyone currently non-weight bearing whilst on crutches but also active walking stick users. 

Each ferrule is 19mm in width so will suit all our crutches and sticks but will also fit any other sticks which have 19mm ferrules too. Available to buy in pairs only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dr A Khan

I bought these performance crutches prior to a long haul trip abroad for three weeks.
I walk with two crutches only six months post for significant hip fracture.
The degree of stability, security with these ferrules is amazing. I would definitely recommend.
I’ve been using my cool crutches for over three months and stability of support is significantly better than the NHS crutches.
Many thanks

Jacqueline Dawson
Worth the price

So I've been using crutches for 3 years. The ferrules always wear down quickly and changing them was a bit of a faff.
However these wonderful creations are a game changer.

No more slipping on cobbles, supermarket floors, uneven streets and more importantly I've tested them on the beach and I now no longer find myself sinking into the sand and half way to narnia. These really are great. They are bigger and slightly weighted to the standard ones but I won't be going back.

After a fall between Christmas and New year on ice I really could have done with them then, but I have them now.

Thank you amelia for providing yet again amazing products.

Mrs Jacqueline Ann Horner

Very secure and sturdy. If the ground is bumpy/uneven, I can still walk with confidence. I walk with 2 sticks and these are brilliant. Would definitely recommend.

Wilma Brown
The perfect ferrel

The perfect ferrel, much more stability with them, please consider making them the standard ferrel on all your crutches or an option of them or the standard when buying the aid. I for one will only be purchasing the replacement reinforced ferrel.
Thank you cool crutches.

Elaine Mason
Safe at last !

Having had a fall in London on a wet rubber mat in a well known coffee shop I decided to order these super duper ferrules !
They are amazing I feel so safe with them - went out this morning in the wet to the Drs where they have a shiny tiled floor and I felt safe and secure whereas before my old ferrules slipped !
I am living life with my Cool
Sticks and new super duper ferrules 🤗
Impressive delivery service - ordered at 2pm and they arrived the next morning.
Customer Service very good as I had to ring and speak to them about removing my old ferrules.
Thank you Cool Crutches.